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About Us

About Us

Our Mission is to bring order and simplicity to your new home by providing a professional and unique unpacking service that is guaranteed to replace moving chaos with organised spaces allowing all our clients the time to settle in with ease, comfort and peace of mind.

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Initial consultation

We assess your needs, preferences and priorities for your move. We will provide you with a brief packing planner and instructions of how to pack boxes for the move for our team to Unpack 4 U

Meet & supervise the moving company

We will be on site to meet the moving company checking your list that all marked (numbered) boxes and furniture items are ticked off your list. We'll supervise our staff to correctly place furniture items in each room with matching boxes. We'll immediately report to you if any boxes / furniture items are missing or damaged by the moving company.


Unpacking, sorting items efficiently into their correct cupboards / spaces, creating structure in your new home. Each cupboard and room will be methodically orgainsed and unpacked.

Unpacking boxes

We will focus on unpacking one room at a time to maintain organisation and prevent items from being scattered or damaged. Each box will be carefully unpacked and repacked in an orderly fashion into the correct cupboard in each room. (Personal marked boxes will not be unpacked)

Furniture assembly & placement

Our team will place furniture in each room according to your photographs. Should a furniture item needing assembling, ie.: TV Stand, bookshelf etc. we will assemble the item, place in the specified room, and arrange according to your photos. Washing machine, fridges, TV, etc. will all be connected.

Cupboard & Cabinet Organising

We provide the service of not only unpacking boxes and repacking. Each cupboard will be organised in a neat and orderly manner. Children's toys, books, Study desk, files, etc. will be organised for easy access and not just unpacked into random cupboards and spaces.

Customised Packages

Our customised packages are tailored solutions designed to meet your specific needs and preferences. We will identify and understand your needs & offer solutions allowing you to choose the services that are best suited to your requirements. We have a variety of packages available for you to chose from for your move, however after our initial consultation with you, we will design a package that meets your specific criteria personally. Clear communication from both parties will add value to the proposed custom packages which will allow us to provide you with transparent pricing, ensuring you understand what you are paying for. Our customized packages will enhance your satisfaction and address specific needs more effectively.

Other services

We have aligned Unpack 4 U with other professional service providers that will assist us in your relocating process. For example, should you require that your alarm, WIFI, TV, computers etc. in the house are all connected and ready to watch, work or play, our technical support provider will make sure that all these are up and running by the time you arrive. Gardening, pool, electrical, any sort of maintenance that needs to be executed before your arrival will be sorted & added to your customised package.

Follow up Support

Unpack 4 U will provide you with follow up support with our list of doctors, dentists, plumbers, alarm companies etc. to build stronger relationships with our customers, to increase satisfaction and loyalty and create brand awareness, as all we ask from our satisfied customers is a good referral recommendation and tell a friend who is moving soon.


Unpacking boxes is a core service in our repertoire, where we carefully unpack and organise items according to your preferences and room layouts. We ensure each item is managed with care and placed in it's designated spot, bringing order to your new home swiftly and efficiently.

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